Croatia – The Yacht Week

29 Jul

We were very eager to arrive in Croatia, especially since London was cold and rainy. We stayed with a lovely Croatian woman who had a flat overlooking the sea in Split. After touring the small streets of Split and jumping off the peer in front of our flat into the sea, we had the most delicious Croatian dinner on the water in the center of town at a place called Fifa. Fish, lamb, boiled vegetables, stew, and gnocci. It was so yummy and unbelievably cheap. Croatia is not part of the EU so the economy is underdeveloped and things are very cheap.

The following day we checked into The Yacht Week with our international crwe from Brazil, Bulgaria, Ireland, the U.S., and Australia. After buying all essential supplies and getting ready for the week ahead, we set sail with our German skipper, Hannes.

The week lived up to be what the promo video advertised – great weather, beautiful water and local towns, and crazy parties. What the promo videos don’t show is the amount of people that get seasick in the mornings on the sail after a hard night of drinking (John and I not being one of them).

One of the best parties all week was held in Hvar at a club on the water.  It was held during the day and it was absolutely crazy!

All in all it was a great week! We met lots of interesting people and have lots of memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out my album on facebook titled – The Yacht Week, for hundreds of photos 🙂


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